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my background
Certified Meditation Teacher
Reiki Level 1&2
Certified Massage Therapist
Bachelor Commerce

Bachelor Law


I am a certified meditation coach showing people how to reach a higher level

Not that long ago I was a highly stressed and anxious finance professional juggling a demanding corporate job, an intense personal relationship and the day to day challenges of living in New York City.

My light bulb moment came when I looked at my life and ticked all the boxes that should have made me content, yet I was not sleeping properly at night, constantly anxious and even started having panic attacks in crowded spaces.

I wanted a solution that didn't involve prescription drugs or alcohol, and so began my journey with meditation.... 

5 years later and my belief in this practice led me to become a Certified Meditation Teacher under the guidance of Charlie Knowles at the Veda Centre.

Now my purpose is to pass this valuable life skill onto anyone who is committed to improving their own wellness.

what people say...

"I highly recommend Sean's meditation classes. Sean has a distinctly soothing way of teaching you how to switch off your mind so you can truly take a mental and physical break each day. I use his method daily and I return with my mind refreshed and I feel energized, invigorated and calm. The best part is these feelings last all day as well during life's ups and downs.


Do yourself a favour - Sean can change your life for the better."

— RK. Professional Accountant - Sydney

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