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Where does the coaching take place?

The coaching takes place in our Sydney studio in Newtown or via video conferencing (Zoom, Skype etc). If you are driving there is free 2 hour parking. If taking public transport, it is a short walk from the train station or bus stop. 

Do you coaching large groups?

I am focused on personal one on one sessions with you or small groups of up to 4 people (you + friends/family/partner). These sessions can be tailored to give students personal attention and focus in order to better achieve results.

How do the sessions work? What is the format?

The coaching sessions are spaced over 3 meetings. The initial meeting is 1.5 hours where I teach you the principles and technique – we practice together and you get some easy homework for the week. The second meeting is 1 hour and is scheduled one week after our initial meeting. Here we check in on your personal practice over the week and fine tune the technique. The third meeting is a check in session and should occur within a month of our initial meeting. After practicing the technique for several weeks this is a great time for you to ask questions and refresh your technique and practice.


The coaching sessions incur a one time fee that covers all 3 sessions. The refresh sessions are by the hour.

What should I expect to see as a result of taking the course?

The key to this practice is to have no expectations at all - a difficult concept for lots of people to grasp! However, if you trust in the process and are diligent with your practice some common benefits may include reduced levels of stress and anxiety, improved sleeping patterns and more structure and cohesive thought patterns.

What do I need to bring to the sessions?

An open mind and a commitment to the practice. It is easy for me to teach you the principles and it is easy for us to practice together, however, unless you are make a commitment to the practice, it will be challenging for you to appreciate the possible benefits. 

Can I practice the meditation anywhere or do I need a planned environment?

The great thing about this practice is that you can take it with you anywhere.


Is there any further investment aside from the initial course fee?

Whilst there is no further financial investment, it is important to invest your time daily into the practice. Like anything that we want to see long term results from, we must apply a consistent practice to get there.


What type of person is this meditation suited to?

Anyone and everyone can try! The group I see most are busy people who are time poor, juggling many different things in their lives who want a lifelong tool that brings a level of balance and can be easily applied in any environment.

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