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find your inner calm...

Our Commitment

Over 3 weeks of private coaching we will show you how meditation can transform the way you move through life. We will build you a meditation toolkit enabling you to access deeper levels of the mind where you will find quiet space and build up a reserve of inner calm that over time that will help you push through life's challenges and move to higher levels of ​performance. 

Our Philosophy

At wellnessbysean we move away from the notion that the mind must be controlled in order to be stilled. Rather, our meditation technique allows the mind to wonder so that thoughts do not become obstacles to your meditation. Whilst there is always a time and place for guided and mindfullness meditation styles, wellnessbysean believes in "next level" meditation for people who are serious about improving their state of being.  

Our Methodology

At wellnessbysean we use timeless principles of vedic meditation to relax your mind, restore your internal system and revive your sense of overall wellbeing.  With a tried and proven technique we show you how to access the inner calm within your mind using methods that date back to ancient vedic principles. We are non monastic and non religious and have a proven track record of introducing meditation into the lives of people who have thought meditation was not for them. 

Our Clients

Sessions have been designed for high functioning, busy people who want to make the most of the time they invest and are prepared to commit to a framework in order to get a result. We specialise in private or small group sessions where personalised attention can be provided in a comfortable, safe and discerning environment. 


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